Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have a Clothing Item That You Just Don't Know How to Style?

Hey everyone so again today is not exactly a fashion post. Sorry! But there will be one soon! So for my usual post I look  and find a piece kind of randomly on polyvore.com and create an outfit around that piece, but I thought since you are the people reading my blog that maybe I should add some posts with items that you have requested me to style! I think it would be great because then I can get a chance to see what kind of pieces you like. For example my last fashion post was centered around yoga pants and the color coral! So you could leave a comment and say.. "Could you make an outfit styling yoga pants? I love them, but I want to see different ways to maybe dress them up. I also love the color coral." That tells me what clothing item you want me to style(It could be a type of shoes too!) and also something that would make the outfit more centered around you. Also if you want me to style a specific piece you could send me the link to a picture of it! So comment below this post or any other post with requests that you have!
P.S What should I name this type of post? You will get credit if I choose the name!


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  2. Yeah, there are things i can never figure it out how to style it!

    I just made a blog today lol could you check it out? if u like it could u follow it too> Ty

  3. I'll check out your blogs! Hey I would love to see some requests! Any piece you want me to style!