Saturday, November 24, 2012

A New Blog

Hey Everyone, I feel like I just never seem to get posts up on this blog anymore, and not that this is a good reason to start a new blog, but I feel like it might help me be a bit more consistent with my posting! SO I've started a new blog! I would be so happy if you would follow me over there!
Here's the link!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweater Dress Outfit 1

-Sweater Dress- (Outfit 1)

-Sweater Dress- (Outfit 1) by foreverlovefashion featuring a button down shirt

Hey Everyone! Honestly I really need to be better about keeping this blog updated! So today I have a new post for you all! Sometimes when I get up in the morning and go to my closet to pick an outfit out, I feel like I have no options. It would be fantastic if  I could go shopping and buy a whole new wardrobe, but that just doesn't happen! So I turn to polyvore as a way I can style different things without actually buying them! This is 1 of 3 outfits that I came up with for this dress! Hope you guys enjoy this post. Be on the lookout for the other 2 outfits that go along with this series! Comment with your thoughts!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Little Taste of Summer

Jump into Spring with COLOR!

I know fall is officially here, but I was looking through my drafts that I had saved earlier on my blog a while back and I found this Spring/Summer outfit! I thought it was fun and even though obviously you might not be able to wear it as is for fall, maybe you guys have some suggestions to make it more fall approriate! I would love to hear about your ideas in the comments! Hopefully you guys enjoy this little last taste of summer!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Fall Wish List

Hello Everyone! I know I haven't posted on this blog in forever! I pretty much missed the entire summer season...that's a lot of fun fashion I missed:( But I am going to try and make it up in many fall themed outfits! If you have any requests leave a comment! I am going to try and update this blog at least once a week!
I thought I'd start off with my Fall Wishlist! And I hope alll of you will leave yours in the comments below!
My Fall Wish List!



1. Chunky Sweaters- I absolutely love big, cozy sweaters for fall..this is always an essential for fall...I don't think that will ever change!
2. Jeans- I have been wanting some new jeans for a while, not that I don't already have jeans, but I just want to add a fresh new dark washed pair to my closet as well as experiment a little bit with some fun, distressed jeans that could really add some roughness to an otherwise girly outfit!
3. Ankle Boots- Love, Love, Love these! I don't know why, but if I can find a pair I am going to buy them right away!
4. Oxfords- I really wanted a pair of these last fall, but never seemed to actually go out and buy a pair...this fall I want to change that!
5. A lace dress- Something really casual that I can pair with a denim shirt or maybe a leather jacket...this is another item I had on my wishlist last year, but never found one to buy!
6. Casual Tees- I really want to stock up on these just to have them to use when layering different pieces!
7. A Denim Shirt- I have already purchased one this year! So excited to wear it...maybe with black jeans or a lace dress..I am still brainstorming ideas!
8. Scarves- I have a tiny obsession...okay a huge obsession! I just want to purchase a few new ones to add to my collection!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring is Coming...Are You Ready?

Spring is Coming...Are you Ready?

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about SPRING! Spring is my favorite season for fashion, I love the colors and all of the fun accessories you can wear! This outfit is very laid back, but very pretty and chic at the same time. I used to hate denim shirts, but lately I have been realizing how many different ways they can be worn! I also love these pink pastel jeans! They are so bright and fun! And for shoes you can either pair this look with the heels above or you can go for a basic ballet flat! Personally I would wear some ballet flats just because they fit my style better, but either will look great! And for accessories you can wear some colored sunglasses and some soft, mint green nail polish! Mint green is VERY in this season! Don't forget to answer my question of the month on my previous post!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Question of the Month #1

Hey Everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while! I really need to post more often! Today is the first Question of the Month post! Each month I will post a question and then you respond in the comments! A week or two after I post the question I will make a collage inspired by the answers and I will also give you my answer! I thought this might be a fun way to get my readers involved with my blog! So today's question is......Who is your fashion icon?
I hope everyone will participate with this!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Going to a Play!

OOTD: Going to a Play

Hey Everyone today's post is inspired by the outfit I wore while attending a play!(It isn't the exact outfit, but similar!) I absolutely love this outfit just because its very girly, but simple! I paired a floral skirt with a pastel pink top! For jewelry I added some pretty rings and a necklace to add something to the plain top! And for shoes..... these gorgeous heels! They are just so pretty! Comment below with your thoughts! -Tell me whether you like the posts better when I write less or if you like detailed, long posts!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sail Away

Sail Away

Hey Everyone! I know I haven't posted in awhile, but here I am again! Okay so today's look is definitely inspired by spring! Spring is actually my favorite season for fashion! I love the colors and the textures that you can get away with in the spring! For this look I started off with this high waisted navy blue skirt! I absolutely love this skirt! I think the shape of it is gorgeous! Because this is spring inspired and I wanted to use some bright colors I added an orange blazer that really compliments the skirt! If you are trying to go for more bold colors, think about the color wheel and pick contrasting colors, or colors that are across from each other. (The color wheel is pictured on the right!) Next I added this nautical white shirt that says sail away! Usually I avoid shirts with writing because I personally think it looks less sophisticated, but in this case I think it tied in with the overall outfit really well. I think it actually gave it a more youthful feel! If you don't like the writing I would just go for a white flowy top! For jewelry I went with some simple gold bangles and some bright blue earrings! For shoes I went with some nude heels! I hope you enjoyed this look! Comment below what your favorite season for fashion is? I am really curious to know!

Monday, January 23, 2012

When Colors Fade...

When Colors Fade...

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about pastels! Personally I love more settle colors! I got inspiration from the photo in the collage above! I love lace dresses and I know I did a post not to long ago about them, but I feel like the more I use pieces over it just shows you the versatility of the piece! So I started out with a lace dress, most of the time I belt lace dresses with a simple brown skinny belt. Next I added a very pale pink colored blazer! I have really been loving blazers lately! I think the blazer adds something unique in the way that the outfit is styled! Next I added some oxfords shoes! I think they add a bit of a vintage feel! Next I added this pretty pale pink clutch, with a chain!(I used a similar clutch in one of my recent posts, the one in that post was black though!) For accessories I really love rings with a pretty stone in the middle! And lastly I added a pretty sea foam green necklace! The outfit needed at least one little pop of color! I hope you liked this outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts so leave comments below! And feel free to comment on any previous post as well!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sometimes a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Whimsical Moments

Whimiscal Moments
Hey Everyone! Today's post is another post in the series "Sometimes a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words". I have only had one post previous to this in this series so I thought I might do another one! Hope you enjoy! Leave a comment with your thoughts!
Previous Posts in this series:
Roses an Inspiration

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Colors & Promises

Colors and Promises
Hey Everyone! Today's post is just a simple outfit that is a little bit dressed up! It could be worn out to dinner, to a play, or maybe just a day you feel like getting a bit more dressed up! I started with a plain black skirt, which for me is a basic because you can build so many outfits around it! Next I added a loose fitting white/creamy top! I love the shape of this top because it is casual, but it can be dressed up with dressier pieces! For some color I added a deep red cardigan! Next I added some really fun, leopard print flats! I personally think having a pop of leopard print in a shoe or a scarf is the best way to pull leopard off! Another option for shoes is wearing some black flats or heels which ever you prefer, if you wear the black skirt, black tights, and black shoes it will help elongate your legs. Wearing all of one color creates one long line! For a purse I chose a simple clutch with a gold chain! Hope you enjoyed this outfit! Leave a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Leather and Lace

Leather and Lace
Hey Everyone! Today's post is a really fun outfit that is both girly and edgy! Usually my posts tend to be about pretty girly outfits just because that reflects my personal style, but today's outfit is a little bit of a mix! Like I said I love girly pieces and one of my favorite pieces is a cream lace dress. To compliment the dress I added a leather jacket. I really love the leather jacket the girl in the picture is wearing. I think the silhouette is very feminine with the cropped sleeves, but at the same time its still a leather jacket, which is  very edgy! For shoes I went with some military style boots! I really like boots like this just because you can put them in a very girly outfit or put them in a bit of an edgier outfit and they still look great! For accessories I added just a simple gold cuff and a belt to cinch in the waist! Hope you enjoyed this post! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sweet Sophistication

Sweet Sophistication

Hey Everyone! Today's post is an outfit that would go perfectly for a casual Friday at work or maybe a day where you need to look a little bit businessy at school. I started off with the pink polka dot shirt. I really like this shirt because its very pretty just on its own. It doesn't need a whole lot to go with it! It has a bow detail on the neckline and cuffed sleeves. Next I added a pair of dark wash jeans. I love dark wash jeans because they really look nice with a variety of stuff. They make an outfit casual, but very clean cut! Next to compliment the shirt I added a brown blazer. The blazer has a more of relaxed fit which looks really nice with the shirt. For shoes I went with a ballet flat that compliments the brown blazer. To finish this look off I added a watch in rose gold. Lately for jewelry instead of going with your typical silver or gold, I've been liking rose gold. It tends to be more soft in my opinion. Hope you like the outfit! Let me know what you think in the comments below!