Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello October!-What to wear to a Corn Maze or a Pumpkin Patch

Hello, October
Hey Everyone! Today I created a really fun look for going to pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple picking, and anything else outdoor and fall! I have no idea if you do any of these activities in the fall, but I thought it would be a fun post either way! I created two looks, you can really mix and match a lot of the pieces so feel free to do so to fit what you like into one outfit.  Okay so I started off just making the first outfit which is the one with yoga pants and the over sized sweatshirt! This look is so comfortable and perfect for fall! It will definitely keep you warm if you wear a long sleeve under the sweatshirt. For shoes go with any kind of boot, UGGS work really well! For a purse I would go with a small across the shoulder bag. A bag just big enough to keep your wallet and phone. If you really don't want to bring a purse, (I hate having to worry about not losing it) you can probably fit your phone and wallet in your UGGS. The second outfit is a little bit more dressed up compared to the first one. I started with a plaid shirt which is a basic for fall, under the plaid shirt do a simple navy blue tank or a long sleeve if you think you will be cold. If it is still pretty chilly throw on a simple cream colored cardigan, tuck the plaid shirt in at the front and belt it at your waist. ( I know this may be a little bit confusing, sorry) Again you can wear UGGs or your favorite fall boots or even just a simple pair of converse! And I couldn't help but add the caribou apple cider! I love hot apple cider with whip cream and caramel! So good!! What is your favorite fall time drink? Also would you like more fall looks like this?


  1. I love your blog! I have no feed back!

  2. Very cute set! I love the hot pink and black flannel :)