Thursday, August 4, 2011

Falling for Lace

Falling for Lace

*Collage made on*
*This collage is for inspiration.....I will not have links to where everything is from...but if you are just dying to know comment bellow and I will check.*

Polyvore could maybe be the coolest website I have ever discovered! At least that's from a fashion lovers point of view! I just came across this website today and thought why not start a fashion blog and post this! This is inspired by my obsession of lace and floral and how to bring those two things into fall! I love the soft, girly, looks! I originally didn't have the scarf or hat, but thought something was missing from the outfit....COLOR! I needed a pop of color to make the outfit stand out! I love the floral oxford shoes! I think they are so fun and vintage like! Some people might not think they are cute and if you are one of those people you can pair this look with some ballet flats! I love the scarf and the colors in it! And I absolutely am in love with the brown belt with a lace dress look, but to put a little spin on that look I added the baby pink sweater! Do you like this outfit?...Comment below!

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