Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stop and Wonder

Stop and Wonder
Hey Everyone! Today's look is one that is super casual and comfy, but is still really cute! First I started off with these burgundy pants. I really love the color of them and how they are different from just regular jeans! Next I added a cream colored cardigan. I love them because they are really versatile and you can pair them with almost anything! Next I added some wedge heels, which if you can't tell by my previous posts I am a little bit obsessed with them! For accessories I added this Burberry scarf! And for a fun little pop of color I added this turquoise ring! Hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below with your thoughts! Oh and on the side of the page is a poll! I would love to hear your answer!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Go Bright Even in the Winter!

Go Bright

Hey Everyone! Today's post is about wearing color even in the winter! I know in my own wardrobe I shy away from color in the winter, but I've been trying to add a bit more color in! This outfit is all about color! I started off with this bright red bandage skirt. Then I added a floral print top with pops of color in red and yellow. To add warmth and tone the shirt and skirt down I added a cream colored cardigan. I added another pop of color with the mustard yellow scarf! I think the colors in this outfit are really unexpected for winter, but they work! For shoes I chose a pair of riding boots that are comfy, but cute! What are your favorite ways to wear color in the winter? Comment below!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simplistic Chic

Don't be Afraid to Fly

Hey Everyone! Today's outfit is one that would definitely be worn on a warmer day, but even though this outfit is so lightweight it can still work for winter! Just throw on a pea-coat and the outfit will instantly be transformed into a warm winter outfit! The reason I went for a lighter outfit is because the sun was shining all day today! It was bright outside and it reminded me of warm spring days! It was really only an illusion because outside was still freezing cold! Anyways now let's get on to the outfit! I started off with the pinkish/purple shirt! It has a cute little bird pattern on it! I just think it is adorable! I love the shape of it! On top to make this outfit a bit warmer I added a chunky knit scarf! I am becoming more and more obsessed with these everyday! Next I added a simple pair of jeans to make this look casual! Then I added some cute nude heels! I really like these because they are a bit of a deeper nude color! I added a simple brown purse and a charm bracelet! I love the charm bracelet with this look because it adds a touch of simplicity! Normally I add fun bangles or big chunky bracelets to my outfits, but this time I kept it really simple with a charm bracelet! Let me know your thoughts on this look! I love hearing them!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Series: Candy Canes!

Candy Canes

Hey Everyone! This is another outfit for my holiday series! I thought another casual outfit would be helpful with lots of time spent with family and friends! This one is inspired by a sweater I bought for my sister! I saw a gray version of the sweater above in the store and outfit ideas were running through my head! I love big knit sweaters because they are cozy, casual, and warm for the winter months! Since the sweater is so big I paired the outfit with skinny jeans, but you could do leggings! Next I added these adorable wedges! I just love them! To accessorize a bit I added a heart ring! Lately I have really been loving the black and gold ring combination! I just love how it is girly yet it still has a little bit of edge to it. Since the outfit is mostly neutral I would do a fun nail color! I chose red just because the holiday's are coming up and I thought it was a bit more festive! This is also the outfit to have fun with your makeup! I really like this outfit because you can choose to play around with accessories, makeup, or nails! Happy Holidays! P.S. What's your favorite part of the holidays?

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One last thing...Did you notice the new heading on my blog? Also I added reactions below the comments! You can check fashion do or fashion don't!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Chill

Winter Chill

Hey Everyone! I have been pretty busy lately and noticed I haven't posted in a pretty long time! I thought you might enjoy seeing a new outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts on this outfit...Comment below: Would you wear this outfit? Where to? What do you think about pastel colors in the winter? Comment below! I love hearing your thoughts! Also I am thinking about doing a post similar to my "Pretty Pieces" post...Click here to see that post!, but this post would be on my top 5 jewelry picks! Would  you like to see that?