Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Series: Casual Holiday with Family and Friends

Holiday Family Time!

Hey Everyone today is the start of my Holiday outfits series! I am really excited because when the Holidays come up you can get really dressed up or you can keep it casual! The first outfit for this series is a casual one because I thought everyone is going to need just a casual outfit for spending time with friends and family! I love sweaters for winter because they are first of all warm and second of all cute! So I started off with a white sweater because I knew I wanted the pop of color in the outfit to be red to create a really fun, festive look without going over  the top with a reindeer sweater! White is a really good choice because red works really well with it! Next I added jeans to dress the sweater down and make this work for family time! To make this outfit more festive I added some bangles with red rhinestones and some red studded earrings! Next I added some red heels, but if you don't like heels or afraid you are going to freeze in heels just wear some boots! To finish this look off I added a simple clutch that ties in with the red theme! Comment below if you have an Holiday outfit idea requests! And as always comment on this outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chasing autumn

Chasing Autumn

Hey everyone! This look is definitely late fall, early winter! I love this look because it has a pop of color in the hat and in the shoes! To start off take your favorite, cozy sweater and tuck it into a leather skirt. Not only is leather one of this season's biggest trends, but it also easily transitions an outfit into fall/winter! Next add some black tights for extra warmth! Lastly add your accessories, a simple across the shoulder bag, some red shoes, and a knit hat! I love this outfit because of the simple pop of color! Let me know what you think!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Tea Party

Fall Tea Party

Hey Everyone! Today's look is a little bit more on the dressy side, but it is perfect for those kinda of dressy occasions. I started off with this pale pink skirt, which doesn't look very wintry, but when paired with the right colors it definitely transitions into winter. To go with the skirt I would pair just a basic white top! I use a basic white top in a lot of my outfits and that is mainly because they are so versatile! Next I added a maroon colored cardigan, but any darker fall/winter color would work! The point of adding the cardigan is not only for warmth, but to transition the whole outfit into fall/winter! For jewelry I added a simple, delicate heart ring! I love this ring and really want to purchase it for myself! Next to spice up the plain shirt I added a necklace! For shoes I added these yellow mustard flats, but any contrasting color to the cardigan will work! Flats aren't exactly completely practical for winter especially if their is snow on the ground! So my tip would be to wear boots and then when you get to your occasion where you will be inside I would switch to flats!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Pieces!

Hey everyone! This is going to be a bit different from my regular posts, but I thought it might be fun to switch it up! So as you can see below I created a collage! I put some of the pieces that have recently been catching my eye as I created other polyvore outfits for this blog! In the collage I have the pieces numbered and I will be talking about each one.
#1- The first piece is a loose fitted black and white stripped shirt! I absolutely love it because it is so simply, but paired with the right outfit it could be so chic! I think it would look great with a pair of jeans and some heels and you are ready to go for a casual fall day, to transition it into winter put on a coat over it and bundle up pinky maroon colored scarf! Another option would be too pair this with a high waisted skirt!
#2- This dress is just gorgeous! It would be great for a dinner out with friends! This dress seems like it would flatter someone who is tall because it is a bit longer, but whether you are tall or not this dress is just so pretty! I would pair it with some black heels and some statement earrings! The dress is already the center piece so anything more might be too much!
Pretty Pieces
#3- I love this shirt, I love the pale tone to the color! I love the detailing of the floral lace. This shirt would look great paired with a simple a-line skirt or a simple pair of jeans and some riding boots! This piece is definitely something unique!
#4- For some reason I have really started to like the sequined dresses this season! I think it would be perfect for a holiday party or a school dance!  I love the cut of this dress, I love how it gives definition at the waist and how the neckline is so pretty! This dress already shines on its own so no accessories are needed, but you could definitely add some simple stud earrings if you wanted too!
#5- One reason I love this skirt is because of the color and the another reason is because it is leather, together those two things make this a girly piece with an edge! I love pieces like that! Plus leather is definitely in this season and works really well in the fall and winter months. This color is a bright one, but with the right top this could be a super cute winter outfit that brightens up the dark days!
Last thing...If you would like me to create any outfit for any of these pieces let me know in the comments below and I definitely will! As always comment with any other of your thoughts!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey Everyone! Today's look is super preppy! And I understand not everybody likes the preppy look, but for those of you that do these outfits are perfect, I am going to be only talking about the middle outfit, but feel free to comment about any of the three. So to start off someone asked how to style this orange/yellow sweater in a preppy way! The outfit above is what I came up with! Like a lot of my outfits a great pair of jeans are essential! Next I added a plaid shirt in neutral colors because when layering it is best to stick with neutrals and one accent color to make sure the outfit doesn't clash! Next add the orange/yellow sweater over it for extra warmth! Lastly add a pair of brown flats! The ones above are really cute and super versatile! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rustic Rush

Rustic Rush
Hey Everyone! Today is a look that may not be for everyone, some people may absolutely hate the sweater, but I think it is a really cute fall piece! This sweater is something you could throw on in seconds over a plain black shirt and you could look like you spent hours picking out your outfit! I love this look because it is an easy fall outfit! To go with the sweater go with some simple jeans and for a touch of roughness add some military style boots! Since the sweater is so bold keep it super simple with the accessories by adding a statement ring and a cross body purse! I love this look! Share your thoughts in the comments below! I would love to hear them! Also I would appreciate if you voted on the poll on the side of the page!