Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I just thought I would do a quick post about this fun, crazy, creative holiday! I personally think Halloween is really fun! I think you can try a crazy outfit, but since it is Halloween get away with it! I also just want to update you on my blog! I would love if you took the time to answer the poll on the side of the page! I really want some feedback! And I also want to thank all of the people who have been commenting! I love all of the ideas and I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Thanks again and as always comment with requests, feedback or anything on your mind related to my blog/fashion!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breaking a Rule: Mixing Black and Brown

Mixing Black and Brown

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about breaking a fashion rule! The fashion rule we are going to be breaking is wearing black and brown together! A this fashion rule is a rule for a reason because if done the wrong way it just looks plain bad! But when these colors are mixed the right way it can look amazing! I absolutely love this look! It is so simple yet so fun and fall like! I really like how this look is perfect for wearing bold makeup because the outfit itself is all neutral! This sweater dress would be really warm and cozy for a chiller fall day! By itself this dress can be shapeless though so add a belt to define your waist! I would no doubt add black tights or leggings. For shoes I would just do a basic pair of riding boots and to add extra warmth add some cute leg warmers with the tops peeking out of the boots! Keep it really simple with accessories! Add stud earrings if your hair is down and dangly earrings if your hair is up because it will frame your face! And like I said have fun with your makeup because the outfit is all neutral and it would look great to have a pop of color in your makeup!

**I think I am going to be starting a series on my blog called Breaking a Rule where I find a fashion rule and show you how to break it while still looking fashionable! If you have any rules you would like me to break leave a comment below!

Thursday, October 27, 2011



Hey everyone! Today's post is super basic! I absolutely love the simplicity in the outfit! I just started out with the basics, a plain white t-shirt and some skinny jeans! Jeans and a simple white t-shirt are items in your wardrobe you should splurge on! You want to find a great fit because these pieces can be worn in so many ways that you will use them all of the time! Okay so now that we have our basics we need to spice them up just a bit! I added some gold/bronze colored oxfords! I really love them! Next I added the mustard color scarf! It will keep you warm and it will add a touch of color to the outfit! To make this fall appropriate I would wear a simple brown blazer! My favorite part of this outfit is definitely the ring! It is so simple yet so beautiful! I really love this outfit because even though it is simple it is so beautiful. It really symbolizes the idea that you don't need to do a lot to show you care just simply be yourself and beauty will shine through! Comment below with your thoughts!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Summer Pieces in the Fall and Oxfords!

Summer into Fall-Oxfords

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about transitioning your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe! Fall is definitely here now and I always find myself looking at my summer clothes and trying to figure out how to wear them appropriately in the fall, I really want to expand my fall wardrobe, but without having to spend lots of money! So today is created two similar looks, one is more comfy casual and the other is more going out casual.
Okay so let's start off with the comfy casual. First I started off with a creamy/white colored sweater. I love this sweater because its big and will keep you warm! This sweater is a basic for fall because you can pair it with jeans, some riding boots, and a pretty scarf and you are ready to go, but in this case we are pairing it with a skirt. This skirt is pretty summery, but the colors in it transition really well into fall! When wearing this skirt in the fall I would pair it with some tights or leggings for extra warmth. One reason I love pairing a big, chunky, knit sweater with this skirt is because the skirt is tight and to make this daytime appropriate you need to balance out the tight bottom with a big top. For shoes these oxfords are perfect! They mix the cream color of the sweater with the neutral brown in the skirt! For a final touch I added a maroon colored scarf that adds a pop of color to the outfit!
Now onto the going out casual look! I took the same skirt, but this time I used a basic white t-shirt that I am sure all of you own. Next to balance out the tight skirt I added a big sweater, in this really unique brown color! It is really cute and will keep you really warm! Again add tights to keep  your legs extra warm and wear a basic pair of oxfords for shoes!  To add a little bit of something extra put on a pretty layered gold necklace!
COMMENT WITH YOUR THOUGHTS! I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pretty Fierce

Pretty Fierce

 Hey Everyone! Today I decided to create a fun, feminine look, that has a touch of fierceness to it! This look is really simple, it reminds me of something you would go out to lunch in or for a casual day in the fall! I started off with the rose colored shirt above. It is pretty flowy, but has a detailed neckline that definitely dresses the shirt up! Next I added jeans and a simple brown belt! For jewelry I kept it very simple with some gold bangles and a pair of gold stud earrings. For a purse I matched the brown in the belt to it . It is a simple bag that is perfect for fall! And of course the best part of the outfit the shoes! I chose a cheetah print ballet flat with a bow! I love these shoes, they don't over power the outfit they just add a little bit of edge to the otherwise simple outfit! Comment below whether you like the outfit or not! Also tell me if you like the posts that are have a more collage feel like my previous one, Brights in the fall, or if you like this where it is just pieces for the outfit and a simple background!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Brights in the Fall

Hey Everyone! So I know I haven't posted in awhile, but
today I thought I would do a fun, bright look that CAN be worn in the fall!
I really think this look is fun for daytime, going shopping, out to lunch, etc. I was on trying to create a look and saw the picture of the outfit
and I thought it was so cute! So I basically just created a
collage centered around that outfit. I also added a necklace and a bracelet.
The bracelet option is a little bit different. It doesn't quite match,
but it adds a fun pop of print. I actually really love this outfit mainly because
of the sweater! The sweater looks really pretty, but warm for fall! I don't think I would love the sweater so much if I hadn't seen it paired with these coral pants,which are very bold, but so cute! If you are someone who loves to experiment with bright colors I would definitely go for this look! If you are a little shy of trying something bold switch out the bright pants for a simple pair of jeans(light or dark wash..I think both would look fine!) Comment below whether you like this outfit! Also if you know of any Fashion Tags, I would love to answer one on here! ***I am having so much trouble posting on this blog and I am trying my best to fix it, but the words keep overlapping! If anyone knows how to fix this problem let me know! Also if you want a better view of the collage click on it and it will take you to my polyvore page.***

Brights in the Fall

Brights in the Fall

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello October!-What to wear to a Corn Maze or a Pumpkin Patch

Hello, October
Hey Everyone! Today I created a really fun look for going to pumpkin patch, corn maze, apple picking, and anything else outdoor and fall! I have no idea if you do any of these activities in the fall, but I thought it would be a fun post either way! I created two looks, you can really mix and match a lot of the pieces so feel free to do so to fit what you like into one outfit.  Okay so I started off just making the first outfit which is the one with yoga pants and the over sized sweatshirt! This look is so comfortable and perfect for fall! It will definitely keep you warm if you wear a long sleeve under the sweatshirt. For shoes go with any kind of boot, UGGS work really well! For a purse I would go with a small across the shoulder bag. A bag just big enough to keep your wallet and phone. If you really don't want to bring a purse, (I hate having to worry about not losing it) you can probably fit your phone and wallet in your UGGS. The second outfit is a little bit more dressed up compared to the first one. I started with a plaid shirt which is a basic for fall, under the plaid shirt do a simple navy blue tank or a long sleeve if you think you will be cold. If it is still pretty chilly throw on a simple cream colored cardigan, tuck the plaid shirt in at the front and belt it at your waist. ( I know this may be a little bit confusing, sorry) Again you can wear UGGs or your favorite fall boots or even just a simple pair of converse! And I couldn't help but add the caribou apple cider! I love hot apple cider with whip cream and caramel! So good!! What is your favorite fall time drink? Also would you like more fall looks like this?

October is Here!