Sunday, August 28, 2011

Basic White T's

Basic White T's

Hey Everyone!  So today I am styling a basic white T-shirt! I'm sure you all have at least one and if you don't I would pick one up next time you go to the mall! The basic white tee is probably the most versatile piece you could ever own! There are so many ways to wear them! You can get a loose fitting one or tight which ever you prefer, you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion , and you can use them all the time! Basic white tees are like a blank canvas in my eyes! So for the first outfit I wanted to do something casual and easy! So I have a white t-shirt and some jeans...can't get anymore basic than that! Then I added a pretty scarf because without it the outfit doesn't have any color! Then I pulled a raspberry color from the scarf and matched that with a cardigan! The cardigan is flowly, but will still keep you warm as we head into fall! You can add a bracelet if you want!  I just paired it with a fun bangle! For shoes I would go with simple ballet flats! Now onto the second outfit! Again I started off with a basic white t-shirt. This time I added a skirt with a polka dot pattern! The skirt has neutral colors in it which are great for fall(And neutrals make a piece really versatile!), but then again neutrals can sometimes be a little bit boring so I added a periwinkle colored belt and cardigan! I really love the color and think it looks great with the skirt and shirt!  For shoes I really love these red flats! I think the periwinkle and red compliment each other beautifully! Which outfit do you like better? 
P.S. Would you like to see more outfits with a basic tee?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cute as a Button

Cute as a Button

Hey Everyone! So I styled this outfit awhile ago and never posted it so I thought I would today! This outfit is really girl and kind of reminds me of springtime and even though we are heading into fall I still thought it might give you some inspiration for a bright outfit! This outfit is super simple I didn't pair it with any accessories, but you certainly could! You could do some cute little studs for earrings, but anyways lets talk about what's in the picture! I am in love with this floral skirt! I think it's absolutely adorable! It is my perfect description of floral! I also love the shape! Its a little bit longer than your average skirt of this type which I think is great! I paired it with a cute brown belt that most of you probably already own. The shirt I paired it with is a pink lace shirt...SO cute! It is such a versatile piece! You could pair it with jeans and some cute earrings. My favorite part of this outfit are the shoes! I don't know why, but I just love everything about them! I just feel like they would go great with so many different things! As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of versatile pieces! They just make your wardrobe seem 10x bigger than it actually is!
By the way I would love requests for pieces to style! Comment below!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Have a Clothing Item That You Just Don't Know How to Style?

Hey everyone so again today is not exactly a fashion post. Sorry! But there will be one soon! So for my usual post I look  and find a piece kind of randomly on and create an outfit around that piece, but I thought since you are the people reading my blog that maybe I should add some posts with items that you have requested me to style! I think it would be great because then I can get a chance to see what kind of pieces you like. For example my last fashion post was centered around yoga pants and the color coral! So you could leave a comment and say.. "Could you make an outfit styling yoga pants? I love them, but I want to see different ways to maybe dress them up. I also love the color coral." That tells me what clothing item you want me to style(It could be a type of shoes too!) and also something that would make the outfit more centered around you. Also if you want me to style a specific piece you could send me the link to a picture of it! So comment below this post or any other post with requests that you have!
P.S What should I name this type of post? You will get credit if I choose the name!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thank You! And Any Ideas?

Hey! So today isn't really a fashion post, but I want to Thank YOU for following! I have 13 followers at the moment and every time I see that number go up it makes me really happy! It makes my day when people comment too! I just wanted to say a quick Thank YOU, but I also need your suggestions. I usually just post a collage made on and explain the outfit, but I really think I should mix up the types of my posts! Is there anything you would like to see me write about?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comfy Coral- Back to School WEDNESDAY

Comfy Coral
Ok so today I though I'd do the back to school WEDNESDAY! Wednesday is the middle of the week and by Wednesday you're tired from homework and still have half the week left! Now just because you're tired and want to be comfortable doesn't mean you have to look sloppy! For this outfit I started out with a pair of yoga pants! I personally love yoga pants! I think they are comfortable and look nicer than sweat pants. Don't get me wrong I love sweat pants, but for school I would definitely go with yoga pants because no matter how tired you are in the morning you will want something nicer as the day goes on. Plain black yoga pants give you lots of options for tops! I started to put this collage together and realized every piece I picked to go with the pants was coral. I really think coral compliments the black. I don't think its too much color and I don't think its too dark. Now when using yoga pants be careful with the fabrics you use for tops. I would use fabrics that are soft like cotton. Some fabrics won't compliment the pants and make you look mismatched. I think v-necks with cardigans go great with yoga pants! Notice how I used the same white v-neck and cardigan in the first outfit as I did in my high-waisted shorts post! Having versatile pieces for school is so helpful because you are going to have to wear pieces twice and why not wear them in different ways! Accessorizing comfy outfits is key! Use pretty necklaces and fun bracelets like the ones pictured above! They add so much to the outfit! Now onto shoes. I personally don't like tennis shoes with yoga pants...for working out or exercise great, but to school...I think it makes your outfit look like you are heading to the gym. So instead I chose a simple basic pair of flats that work with multiple outfits and look adorable with yoga pants. If you are heading into fall and the weather is a bit chillier go with UGGS! They look great with yoga pants....just tuck the pants in! Hopefully this post helps with those days that you want to be comfy, but not sloppy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

High-Waisted Shorts- Back to School TUESDAY

High-Waisted Shorts

Hey so today is Tuesday's outfit in my back to school series! Here I created to different outfits using one pair of fun, high-waisted shorts. I styled two fun and super easy outfits! The first is for someone who loves being a bit bold with their fashion choices! It is a blue and white striped top tucked in to some tan high-waisted shorts. For jewelry I would keep it pretty simple because the shirt does stand out a little bit! I would do some white bangles to keep with the nautical theme and a key necklace! I just love those necklaces! I was so inspired after reading Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key! I finally got one of my own and will be wearing it to add  a little something to a plain outfit. For shoes I think cream or white ballet flats would be perfect! I like the white deck shoes, but I think that might be too much nautical. I would pair the deck shoes with the second outfit! If you want to be a little more settle especially for school I would pick the second outfit! It is really easy because I'm sure everyone has their go to white v-neck, add a pair of high-waisted shorts and you have the base for a great outfit! Again I would do a key necklace or some kind of longer, simpler necklace. I would also do a pretty light pink bracelet. To add a little bit of color I added a coral cardigan. Cardigans are great for back to school because you can wear them over all your favorite summer tank tops! For shoes  you could do ballet flats, deck shoes, or to give it a nautical twist do the blue striped shoes above! Which outfit do you like better?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knit Sweaters! Fall...I know I'm a little early!

Knit Sweaters!

Ok so I know this outfit is very fall! The weather got chillier today and reminded me a little bit about those chunky, over sized, knit sweaters. I got to thinking how I would want to style them this fall. I know the weather might be warm or even hot where you live,  but this will get you thinking ahead. I love the sweater its a perfect neutral the options of how to style it are almost endless! You could pair it with a pretty skirt or maybe even over a dress, but I decided to start with something easy and casual that could even be worn to school once it really turns into fall! I love putting big knits with pretty scarves! I feel like the scarf adds a feminine touch to the baggy outfit. Also big tip...when wearing an oversized top go tighter on the bottom! This will prevent you from looking way bigger than you are! I also love the bangles! I really think the color ones add a lot of personality to the outfit. They add color and are really pretty! The other set of bangles are just a more neutral set that many of you may already own. I love the gray suede boots they just seem really warm and comfortable. I also love this style of UGGS! The button detail is so cute and adds a little bit to the plain shoe. If wearing boots seems like it would be a little too warm I would pair some simple ballet flats with maybe a little bit of color in them! I will style these knit sweaters in other ways and post them here if you would want! Tuesday's back to school outfit will be up later this week!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Deck/Boat Shoes- Monday back to School!

Deck/Boat Shoes
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*As always this is for inspiration...I will not be posting links to where everything is from...but if you are dying to know comment below...and I will check*

Hey! So I know many people are starting to go back to school and some are already in school, but I thought I would do an outfit for each day of the week...starting today with Monday!
*You wouldn't particularly wear all of these outfits in the same week, but I thought I would do 5 outfits total, one for each school day. Check back for Tuesday's outfit...I might post it next week or maybe sooner.

Hey everyone! So today I was piecing different things together for fun and decided to try and style boat/deck shoes! At first I didn't really like these types of shoes, I always thought they looked kind of boyish, but as brands started to come out with different colors and patterns they really grew on me. The outfit above is styled around boat shoes. I think the boat shoes add a fun pop of color as well as the scarf. If it is too hot for a scarf I would do a long gold chain necklace. I think the necklace looks great on top of the loose fitting shirt. The outfit is perfect for school because its casual, but really pretty and also comfortable. I'd love to see how other people style boat shoes and am wondering if I should get a pair of my own!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Tribal and Maybe Color Blocking

Easy Tribal and Maybe Color Blocking

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*I will not have links to where these pieces are from..this is for inspiration, but if you are dying to know...comment below*

Ok so all summer I've seen tribal prints and color blocking and to be honest I really didn't think those trends were that cute, but I was at Delia's the other day and saw the shirt above...I bought it in purple!(The bottom part was purple instead of pink) Anyways I really liked the shirt and thought this might be a great settle way to do tribal and color blocking. The reason I see tribal in the shirt is the shape and the wooden detail on the can see the wooden detail on the shirt above if you look closely. I think its a really easy way to do tribal if you have some fun feather earrings and some gladiator sandals and to me that is enough tribal. I know some people go with bold tribal prints, but personally I think this is a great way to follow the trend if you really don't like the trend...Does that make sense?...Anyways the shirt is also color blocked. I think color blocking is so much fun, but I also think it can look completely ridiculous sometimes. I feel like a great way to pull off this trend is to color block in pastel colors and neutrals, the colors don't stand out as much, but still look cute!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Falling for Lace

Falling for Lace

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*This collage is for inspiration.....I will not have links to where everything is from...but if you are just dying to know comment bellow and I will check.*

Polyvore could maybe be the coolest website I have ever discovered! At least that's from a fashion lovers point of view! I just came across this website today and thought why not start a fashion blog and post this! This is inspired by my obsession of lace and floral and how to bring those two things into fall! I love the soft, girly, looks! I originally didn't have the scarf or hat, but thought something was missing from the outfit....COLOR! I needed a pop of color to make the outfit stand out! I love the floral oxford shoes! I think they are so fun and vintage like! Some people might not think they are cute and if you are one of those people you can pair this look with some ballet flats! I love the scarf and the colors in it! And I absolutely am in love with the brown belt with a lace dress look, but to put a little spin on that look I added the baby pink sweater! Do you like this outfit?...Comment below!