Thursday, September 22, 2011

Autumn Chic

Autumn Chic

*Quick Revision..The blue blazer is actually I saw blue I don't know..either color will work though.*
Hey everyone! Today I styled a chic outfit that is very business casual, perfect for a Friday at work or just going out to lunch! This outfit really just uses some basic pieces that I think every girl should have in her closet mixed with some shoes that could take this from classic to modern chic. This outfit could work for Autumn or Spring depending on the jacket and shoes you choose. The shoes that are pictured above are very fall, but switch in some ballet flats and you could have an early spring outfit! Anyways let's talk about the outfit above. This time I started out with this gorgeous floral tank top! This top is great for summer, but this is also a great piece that can easily be transitioned into fall with the help of a nice blazer. For a blazer I chose three options, each will give you a slightly different look. The blue will give you a casual, cute  look! The next blazer, the orange one, will transition you into fall in a second! It is bright and will give you color, but will also change this summer top to a fall top. This will give you a modern look and the color of the blazer might not stay in fashion as long as the blue and brown blazer, but for this year it is an excellent choice. The last blazer is a neutral brown that is timeless. It gives a very chic, professional/casual look! For a casual Friday work day you might want to skip the riding boots and opt for heals, but if you are just going out to a simple lunch the riding boots are super cute and will compliment the outfit beautifully! For accessories keep it simple! The earrings are very simple, but complete the outfit! The top has a bright pattern so there is no need for a necklace and bracelets on top of the blazer! So again keep it simple and just go for earrings. How do you like this outfit? What combination would you chose? Which shoes and which blazer?

Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee Shop Cool

Coffee Shop Cool

Hey eveyone I have been having trouble posting..I have no idea what is wrong, but if you are reading this then it kind of worked!
Hey everyone so today I created a fun, easy look, that reminded me a lot of a coffee shop! I love coffee shops I think they are so cute and coffee smells amazing! This is a simple look great for running earrings, or going out to brunch, or of course to wear to a coffee shop. This outfit is super simple, I started off with a simple pair of jeggings, or you could definitely go with dark wash jeans or for a comfier look and feel, leggings. Next I added the pink and navy blue sweater! I love the shape and look to it! Under the cardigan to keep warm I would wear a plain long sleeve white t-shirt. For shoes I would wear some basic riding boots! Riding boots are really in this season! For extra warmth throw on a pair of thick long socks and have the tops peek out of the riding boots! I personally love this look! To finish this look off I added a neutral brown scarf. This look is really simple, but really cute! This look also could work for school! Tell me what you think below and whether you like coffee shops or not!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chocolate Princess

Chocolate Princess

Hey everyone! Today I came up with this outfit and I am absolutely in love with the colors and the combination! I didn't have a plan when I created this. I just added items and kept moving things in and out until I got this combination which I love! The  colors are so rich, but the outfit is so girly and perfect for fall! Lately I've been lovely the pastel rose colors! I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Today I chose rose colored pants which I think are really cute! To pair with it I chose a white-creamy colored top. I love everything about this top! The length, the color, and the shape! For accessories I chose some gold bangles!But what I really love about these is there is a little watch on one of them! I think it adds a touch of a classic look. This set of bangles is from H&M for $11 which I think is an amazing price for such a cute bracelet! Next I added a long necklace to add to the shirt and some simple studs! For shoes I chose three options because the shoes you pair with this outfit will kind of classify it as casual, classic, or fun and bubbly. The converse would make this look super appropriate for school and make the look more casual. The ballet flats will make this outfit look timeless and the sparkly oxfords will bring out a bubbly personality! Last, but not least since we are heading into fall I chose a rich chocolate leather jacket! I think this piece ties the entire outfit together and adds a fall look to it! Tell me what you think of the outfit in the comments!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Forever Sunshine- Inspired by an Autumn Scent

Forever Sunshine

Ok so Hey everyone! Today I went to post this and somehow the words disappeared so now I am rewriting this so it might be pretty quick! Today I centered the outfit around my favorite scent at Bath and Body Works, Forever Sunshine! I love it! It smells so good! Anyways the colors on the bottle are so cute! Purple, Yellow, and some orange. The floral shirt is super bold, but so cute! You can tone it down with a yellow jacket like the one above! This shirt is boxy which is a super duper easy and settle way to work in the men's wear trend! I mean it is really settle barely noticeable, but the shape will really highlight this outfit and make it seasonable! For pants I would go with simple jeans! For shoes try something new with these oxford heels or flats! They are really cute and look great with the outfit! For a purse go with a small bag that goes across your shoulders! Paint your nails the pinky purple color from the Forever Sunshine bottle! Last put on some Forever Sunshine lotion or body spray and your good to go! Perfect for fall and an easy transition outfit..if its hot take off the jacket and put some flats on instead of oxfords and if its chillier leave the outfit as is!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Pastels in Autumn- Back to School Thursday

Beautiful Pastels in Autumn

Hey everyone! Today is my back to school Thursday! This series is being completed slowly, but surely! How have you liked the outfits so far? Anyways, I gave myself a little challenge when doing this post, I went to my polyvore and began to create a set...but instead of searching through the endless options to find a top I really loved I picked the first top I saw and told my self I had to style an outfit around it for fall.
Now when I saw this pastel green top I wondered how I could make  it suitable for fall. Jeans are easy and I always wear them in the fall so I added the jeans to the outfit. Next I decided I would add a jacket! I love this military style, and even though the military trend has faded a little bit, don't be afraid to incorporate some of those pieces, just don't go all out! Next I added a purse, which I realized, I never add purses to the outfits on my blog..why not?...I guess I just forgot! I use purses all of the time! I will not be seen with out a purse big enough to fit a water bottle! I chose two options for a purse. A deep jewel toned purple one and a brown backpack style one! I absolutely love the color of the purple purse! The brown one I chose a little more for functionality. I wanted it to work for school, but still be cute! For shoes I added some mustard yellow flats! I love them and mustard yellow is a big trend this year. To follow this trend I wouldn't recommend going all out, I would do simple accent pieces like shoes, a purse or even a belt. Now to finish off this look I took a purple scarf that matched the purse to keep you a little bit warmer in the fall and some gold studs to add some jewelry, they are simple and add a little extra to the outfit without being overwhelming! I added a bonus to the outfit with a nail polish! It is this lovely gray-brown color! It would look great with this outfit, but also with any other outfit! This is really nice because then you won't have to change the color of your nails everyday and with school you rarely have time!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sometimes a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..Roses an Inspiration

Roses..Believe and Inspire

I want to let the collage speak for itself, leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dressy Days!--Requested--

Dressy Days

$23 -

Sheer lace top
$25 -

Forever21 flower top
$17 -

$35 -

Ruched Jegging
$20 -

$15 -

Cork sandals
$35 -

H&m shoes
£7.99 -

H&m shoes
£15 -

Forever21 beaded bangle bracelet
$4.80 -

Forever21 rhinestone bangle
$13 -

Forever21 floral earrings
$3.80 -

Forever21 hardware jewelry
$13 -

$9.99 -

*Today's post is not only for inspiration, but I found pieces that are budget-friendly and at stores you could find them!...Should I do more posts like this?*

Hey Everyone! Today's post was requested by one of my readers! I want to thank them because this is my first request and I am so excited to help! Now onto the post! This person(I would use their name, but they requested this anonymously) requested that I do a look for a date. She said she didn't want a dress, but she would wear a skirt. So I pieced together an outfit with a skirt and one with pants. I did find a really cute dress, but I will feature that in another post. The first outfit is a navy skirt paired with a lace tank top! I love the lace and think it dresses up the skirt a little bit! Also I feel like lace is a trend that comes in, but never truly goes out, I feel like you can wear lace whether its really big on trend like this year or whether its kind of toned down. The lace top I picked is from Delias! I really love the store I think they have great pieces! The skirt is also from Delias! To accessorize the outfit I chose a dark red kind of maroon color that looks great with the blue for fall! Target has lots of cardigans and the red-maroon one is just one of that I found to piece with this outfit! I also went ahead and picked out a set of silver bracelets from Forever21! I love Forever21's jewelry because it is inexpensive!  I like getting inexpensive jewelry because you can have really classic pieces of clothing, but with just a couple of trendy pieces of jewelry you can totally transform an outfit to go with the current trends! So by buying inexpensive jewelry you can buy new pieces every season! Next I paired some mustard yellow ballet flats! I think they look really great with the outfit! I think the colors look great together, but I understand some of you might not like yellow shoes so you could also do a nude flat or even a heel if you prefer. And we can't forget the belt! Belts cinch you in at the waist and define it! Now onto the second outfit! I love this outfit so much! I think it is so simple and classic. First I took a pair of dark wash jeans or in the picture it shows jeggings..whichever you prefer I would go with! You want to be comfortable and worrying about what you are doing and who you are with and not worried about your clothes! Then I put a black top with ruffle detailing on the neckline. I think this is a staple piece to have in your closet! Unfortunately I couldn't find one! The one in the picture is actually a romper! Anyways if you don't own a black top like the one above already Forever21 had the floral top above with a similar shape! Next I paired it with a studded bracelet again from Forever21! To make the outfit a little bit more fun I did a red shoe! Red shoes look so cute paired with the right outfit! I really hoped this helped the reader who requested this! Also I hope all of you other readers enjoyed it as well! Last thing I would love feedback..this is my first requested post and I want to know what you think..did I talk about the actual stores too much or did you like my tips in between talking about the clothes! You tell me! Thanks and remember to leave a comment with requests or feedback...or anything else!