Friday, August 5, 2011

Easy Tribal and Maybe Color Blocking

Easy Tribal and Maybe Color Blocking

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*I will not have links to where these pieces are from..this is for inspiration, but if you are dying to know...comment below*

Ok so all summer I've seen tribal prints and color blocking and to be honest I really didn't think those trends were that cute, but I was at Delia's the other day and saw the shirt above...I bought it in purple!(The bottom part was purple instead of pink) Anyways I really liked the shirt and thought this might be a great settle way to do tribal and color blocking. The reason I see tribal in the shirt is the shape and the wooden detail on the can see the wooden detail on the shirt above if you look closely. I think its a really easy way to do tribal if you have some fun feather earrings and some gladiator sandals and to me that is enough tribal. I know some people go with bold tribal prints, but personally I think this is a great way to follow the trend if you really don't like the trend...Does that make sense?...Anyways the shirt is also color blocked. I think color blocking is so much fun, but I also think it can look completely ridiculous sometimes. I feel like a great way to pull off this trend is to color block in pastel colors and neutrals, the colors don't stand out as much, but still look cute!


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