Monday, August 8, 2011

Deck/Boat Shoes- Monday back to School!

Deck/Boat Shoes
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*As always this is for inspiration...I will not be posting links to where everything is from...but if you are dying to know comment below...and I will check*

Hey! So I know many people are starting to go back to school and some are already in school, but I thought I would do an outfit for each day of the week...starting today with Monday!
*You wouldn't particularly wear all of these outfits in the same week, but I thought I would do 5 outfits total, one for each school day. Check back for Tuesday's outfit...I might post it next week or maybe sooner.

Hey everyone! So today I was piecing different things together for fun and decided to try and style boat/deck shoes! At first I didn't really like these types of shoes, I always thought they looked kind of boyish, but as brands started to come out with different colors and patterns they really grew on me. The outfit above is styled around boat shoes. I think the boat shoes add a fun pop of color as well as the scarf. If it is too hot for a scarf I would do a long gold chain necklace. I think the necklace looks great on top of the loose fitting shirt. The outfit is perfect for school because its casual, but really pretty and also comfortable. I'd love to see how other people style boat shoes and am wondering if I should get a pair of my own!


  1. this look is so cute! you have a really nice blog, well done. I'm following :) follow back?

  2. Thank you so much!
    I will check out your blog right now!

  3. i love the pink boat shoes soo fab <3