Monday, January 23, 2012

When Colors Fade...

When Colors Fade...

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about pastels! Personally I love more settle colors! I got inspiration from the photo in the collage above! I love lace dresses and I know I did a post not to long ago about them, but I feel like the more I use pieces over it just shows you the versatility of the piece! So I started out with a lace dress, most of the time I belt lace dresses with a simple brown skinny belt. Next I added a very pale pink colored blazer! I have really been loving blazers lately! I think the blazer adds something unique in the way that the outfit is styled! Next I added some oxfords shoes! I think they add a bit of a vintage feel! Next I added this pretty pale pink clutch, with a chain!(I used a similar clutch in one of my recent posts, the one in that post was black though!) For accessories I really love rings with a pretty stone in the middle! And lastly I added a pretty sea foam green necklace! The outfit needed at least one little pop of color! I hope you liked this outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts so leave comments below! And feel free to comment on any previous post as well!


  1. I really like the combination of the necklace and the outfit, that's a great pop of color

    1. Thanks! I originally didn't have the necklace in the outfit,but I realized it was a little bit of a boring outfit, so I decided to find something to brighten it up and add some interest!