Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Series: Casual Holiday with Family and Friends

Holiday Family Time!

Hey Everyone today is the start of my Holiday outfits series! I am really excited because when the Holidays come up you can get really dressed up or you can keep it casual! The first outfit for this series is a casual one because I thought everyone is going to need just a casual outfit for spending time with friends and family! I love sweaters for winter because they are first of all warm and second of all cute! So I started off with a white sweater because I knew I wanted the pop of color in the outfit to be red to create a really fun, festive look without going over  the top with a reindeer sweater! White is a really good choice because red works really well with it! Next I added jeans to dress the sweater down and make this work for family time! To make this outfit more festive I added some bangles with red rhinestones and some red studded earrings! Next I added some red heels, but if you don't like heels or afraid you are going to freeze in heels just wear some boots! To finish this look off I added a simple clutch that ties in with the red theme! Comment below if you have an Holiday outfit idea requests! And as always comment on this outfit! I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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  1. Love the outfit! U could also do a plain white knit top & add a fluffy green scarf, that would look very Christmas-y. I almost never wear bangles (they get annoying), but those are so cute I would definitely wear them!