Friday, September 9, 2011

Forever Sunshine- Inspired by an Autumn Scent

Forever Sunshine

Ok so Hey everyone! Today I went to post this and somehow the words disappeared so now I am rewriting this so it might be pretty quick! Today I centered the outfit around my favorite scent at Bath and Body Works, Forever Sunshine! I love it! It smells so good! Anyways the colors on the bottle are so cute! Purple, Yellow, and some orange. The floral shirt is super bold, but so cute! You can tone it down with a yellow jacket like the one above! This shirt is boxy which is a super duper easy and settle way to work in the men's wear trend! I mean it is really settle barely noticeable, but the shape will really highlight this outfit and make it seasonable! For pants I would go with simple jeans! For shoes try something new with these oxford heels or flats! They are really cute and look great with the outfit! For a purse go with a small bag that goes across your shoulders! Paint your nails the pinky purple color from the Forever Sunshine bottle! Last put on some Forever Sunshine lotion or body spray and your good to go! Perfect for fall and an easy transition outfit..if its hot take off the jacket and put some flats on instead of oxfords and if its chillier leave the outfit as is!


  1. I like your blog =). I stumbled across it totally randomly. I don't usually like fashion blogs but you have good taste =).