Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dressy Days!--Requested--

Dressy Days

$23 -

Sheer lace top
$25 -

Forever21 flower top
$17 -

$35 -

Ruched Jegging
$20 -

$15 -

Cork sandals
$35 -

H&m shoes
£7.99 -

H&m shoes
£15 -

Forever21 beaded bangle bracelet
$4.80 -

Forever21 rhinestone bangle
$13 -

Forever21 floral earrings
$3.80 -

Forever21 hardware jewelry
$13 -

$9.99 -

*Today's post is not only for inspiration, but I found pieces that are budget-friendly and at stores you could find them!...Should I do more posts like this?*

Hey Everyone! Today's post was requested by one of my readers! I want to thank them because this is my first request and I am so excited to help! Now onto the post! This person(I would use their name, but they requested this anonymously) requested that I do a look for a date. She said she didn't want a dress, but she would wear a skirt. So I pieced together an outfit with a skirt and one with pants. I did find a really cute dress, but I will feature that in another post. The first outfit is a navy skirt paired with a lace tank top! I love the lace and think it dresses up the skirt a little bit! Also I feel like lace is a trend that comes in, but never truly goes out, I feel like you can wear lace whether its really big on trend like this year or whether its kind of toned down. The lace top I picked is from Delias! I really love the store I think they have great pieces! The skirt is also from Delias! To accessorize the outfit I chose a dark red kind of maroon color that looks great with the blue for fall! Target has lots of cardigans and the red-maroon one is just one of that I found to piece with this outfit! I also went ahead and picked out a set of silver bracelets from Forever21! I love Forever21's jewelry because it is inexpensive!  I like getting inexpensive jewelry because you can have really classic pieces of clothing, but with just a couple of trendy pieces of jewelry you can totally transform an outfit to go with the current trends! So by buying inexpensive jewelry you can buy new pieces every season! Next I paired some mustard yellow ballet flats! I think they look really great with the outfit! I think the colors look great together, but I understand some of you might not like yellow shoes so you could also do a nude flat or even a heel if you prefer. And we can't forget the belt! Belts cinch you in at the waist and define it! Now onto the second outfit! I love this outfit so much! I think it is so simple and classic. First I took a pair of dark wash jeans or in the picture it shows jeggings..whichever you prefer I would go with! You want to be comfortable and worrying about what you are doing and who you are with and not worried about your clothes! Then I put a black top with ruffle detailing on the neckline. I think this is a staple piece to have in your closet! Unfortunately I couldn't find one! The one in the picture is actually a romper! Anyways if you don't own a black top like the one above already Forever21 had the floral top above with a similar shape! Next I paired it with a studded bracelet again from Forever21! To make the outfit a little bit more fun I did a red shoe! Red shoes look so cute paired with the right outfit! I really hoped this helped the reader who requested this! Also I hope all of you other readers enjoyed it as well! Last thing I would love feedback..this is my first requested post and I want to know what you think..did I talk about the actual stores too much or did you like my tips in between talking about the clothes! You tell me! Thanks and remember to leave a comment with requests or feedback...or anything else!


  1. Thanx soo much I love the outfits. I picked the lace top, the skirt, the red sweater, and I had already had the exact mustard flats, I also got the hardware bracelet and I had a similar black bracelet. I love this outfit so much. Thankyou so much!!

  2. I am so glad you liked the outfit! I tried to get it up as quickly as possible! Thank you so much for your request! I would be happy to create anymore outfits for you!