Friday, October 21, 2011

Summer Pieces in the Fall and Oxfords!

Summer into Fall-Oxfords

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about transitioning your summer clothes into your fall wardrobe! Fall is definitely here now and I always find myself looking at my summer clothes and trying to figure out how to wear them appropriately in the fall, I really want to expand my fall wardrobe, but without having to spend lots of money! So today is created two similar looks, one is more comfy casual and the other is more going out casual.
Okay so let's start off with the comfy casual. First I started off with a creamy/white colored sweater. I love this sweater because its big and will keep you warm! This sweater is a basic for fall because you can pair it with jeans, some riding boots, and a pretty scarf and you are ready to go, but in this case we are pairing it with a skirt. This skirt is pretty summery, but the colors in it transition really well into fall! When wearing this skirt in the fall I would pair it with some tights or leggings for extra warmth. One reason I love pairing a big, chunky, knit sweater with this skirt is because the skirt is tight and to make this daytime appropriate you need to balance out the tight bottom with a big top. For shoes these oxfords are perfect! They mix the cream color of the sweater with the neutral brown in the skirt! For a final touch I added a maroon colored scarf that adds a pop of color to the outfit!
Now onto the going out casual look! I took the same skirt, but this time I used a basic white t-shirt that I am sure all of you own. Next to balance out the tight skirt I added a big sweater, in this really unique brown color! It is really cute and will keep you really warm! Again add tights to keep  your legs extra warm and wear a basic pair of oxfords for shoes!  To add a little bit of something extra put on a pretty layered gold necklace!
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