Friday, October 14, 2011

Brights in the Fall

Hey Everyone! So I know I haven't posted in awhile, but
today I thought I would do a fun, bright look that CAN be worn in the fall!
I really think this look is fun for daytime, going shopping, out to lunch, etc. I was on trying to create a look and saw the picture of the outfit
and I thought it was so cute! So I basically just created a
collage centered around that outfit. I also added a necklace and a bracelet.
The bracelet option is a little bit different. It doesn't quite match,
but it adds a fun pop of print. I actually really love this outfit mainly because
of the sweater! The sweater looks really pretty, but warm for fall! I don't think I would love the sweater so much if I hadn't seen it paired with these coral pants,which are very bold, but so cute! If you are someone who loves to experiment with bright colors I would definitely go for this look! If you are a little shy of trying something bold switch out the bright pants for a simple pair of jeans(light or dark wash..I think both would look fine!) Comment below whether you like this outfit! Also if you know of any Fashion Tags, I would love to answer one on here! ***I am having so much trouble posting on this blog and I am trying my best to fix it, but the words keep overlapping! If anyone knows how to fix this problem let me know! Also if you want a better view of the collage click on it and it will take you to my polyvore page.***

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