Saturday, October 29, 2011

Breaking a Rule: Mixing Black and Brown

Mixing Black and Brown

Hey Everyone! Today's post is all about breaking a fashion rule! The fashion rule we are going to be breaking is wearing black and brown together! A this fashion rule is a rule for a reason because if done the wrong way it just looks plain bad! But when these colors are mixed the right way it can look amazing! I absolutely love this look! It is so simple yet so fun and fall like! I really like how this look is perfect for wearing bold makeup because the outfit itself is all neutral! This sweater dress would be really warm and cozy for a chiller fall day! By itself this dress can be shapeless though so add a belt to define your waist! I would no doubt add black tights or leggings. For shoes I would just do a basic pair of riding boots and to add extra warmth add some cute leg warmers with the tops peeking out of the boots! Keep it really simple with accessories! Add stud earrings if your hair is down and dangly earrings if your hair is up because it will frame your face! And like I said have fun with your makeup because the outfit is all neutral and it would look great to have a pop of color in your makeup!

**I think I am going to be starting a series on my blog called Breaking a Rule where I find a fashion rule and show you how to break it while still looking fashionable! If you have any rules you would like me to break leave a comment below!


  1. gold and silver accesories? or is that too wierd....

  2. I love this collage :) I think that's a good idea and like Much Love, AmberListz said, mixing metals is a treand that you could do :)
    Sabrina xoxo

  3. Thanks so much for the comments!I will definitely try to do a collage about mixing silver and gold accessories! I think that could be really fun!